Captain Clay Sheward

Captain Clay’s fly fishing journey started with a movie and now plays like one too. After watching A River Runs Through It, he caught the bug and got a fly rod the following Christmas.

Since the age of 9, he has traveled across the country, wetting a line in America’s classic fly fishing rivers from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Dakota and all across Texas.

10 years later, while working at a sporting goods retailer – a customer discovers Clay’s passion for fly fishing and invites him along on their family fishing trip. Everything would be taken cared of – in exchange for sharing his knowledge with the family.

This was Clay’s first experience in teaching others the art of fly fishing and feeling the satisfaction and pride of watching someone else catch a fish under his guidance. An even greater feeling, he explains, is seeing that initial experience transform into a fly fishing lifestyle – like it did for that family. A family, he brags, still fishes together today and on fly exclusively.

10 year’s later, while working at Harley Davidson, he meets his future fiancée over a mutual interest in riding. Wanting to share his other passion with her, they take a fly fishing trip together. While out on a skiff in the Texas flats and marshes, she sees his true love and expertise for the sport and tells him, “This is what you’re meant to do.”

He has always believed that we are supposed to do what we love, and with the encouragement and the opportunity to do that, he began to take the steps into making fly fishing a career.

As most fly fishermen, he got his feet wet along narrow and shallow streams and rivers. Having exhausted all the local freshwater holes, he began making his way down to the coast. Fly fishing saltwater with it’s open flats and expansive marshes, required a kayak to get to where the fish are. Kayak fishing gave Clay intimate knowledge of the water systems and all the new species he could target on the fly.

Getting a technical poling skiff expanded his reach to virtually untouched fishing grounds: places too far for kayaks to paddle and too shallow for traditional boats to draft.

Captain Clay has spent the last few years, exploring the Gulf Coast waters on his Ankona Shadowcast 18, learning the habits and patterns of inshore species and even managing to secure the Galveston Bay Tripletail record on fly.

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